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Everyone and anyone should have access to rehabilitation, regardless of age or status to improve overall quality of life.

We offer various services to meet you at your need.

Critical Illness Rehabilitation

Pre/Rehabilitation & Functional Recovery After Critical Illness

Starting rehabilitation early after hospital discharge can help to restore the ability to function and be independent. 

Prehabilitation is therefore the process of getting patients to feel, move and perform better before the operation to boost their reserves, such that they will be enabled to withstand a stressful event such as an impending surgery. 

Cancer Rehabilitation

A diagnosis of cancer comes with more than just emotions. Many often undergo surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and these treatments can have various adverse effects. Cancer rehabilitation can help at any point during cancer care from before initial treatment begins, through survivorship and palliative care. 


By carefully addressing the range of challenges and concerns of the effects of this disease and its treatment, one will be able to take control of their pain, fatigue and decreased activity levels, empowering them to live their best lives.

Trust the Process

We are with you through every step of the way, from the first phone call until the time you are discharged.

Step 2:

02. Rehabilitation


During each session, we will guide the patient through exercises, educating them along the way, and prescribe self-guided exercises.


Step 1:

01. Assessment


We will first look at past medical records and assess the patient's current mobility, and discuss the treatment strategy.


Step 3:

03. Discharge


We will work towards getting you back to your daily function and resume activities of daily living.


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