Elderly, Physiotherapy

Home Rehabilitation

We aim to provide accessible rehabilitation to everyone, in the safety and comfort of your own home.

Why Home Rehabilitation?

Convenient and

Time Saving

Long queues, vague waiting times, and delays in scheduled appointments often deter our trip to the doctors. We work around your schedule to seamlessly fit rehab into your lifestyle, with rest and recovery after treatment at home.

Personalised Care

from Start to End

By providing bespoke rehabilitation in a familiar home environment, we can develop a holistic plan to suit your recovery needs.

In addition, recommendations and modifications can be given on the spot, giving more opportunities to promote faster recovery.

Safer for High-Risk Individuals

Home Rehabilitation keeps high-risk individuals from exposure to potential sources of infection. The home environment supports better monitoring of an individual's progress and condition, thereby allowing better feedback for the physiotherapist for the individual's next medical appointment.

Cost-Effective in the Long Run

You no longer have to wait weeks before your first physiotherapy session. Home Rehabilitation can bring the service to you within a few hours of discharge. Save on transportation costs and faster recovery with a shorter rehabilitation period.

How Does this Work?


We will first look at past medical records and assess the patient's current mobility.


We will then sit down with the patient and his/her family members to discuss the appropriate treatment.


During each session, we will go through release for rehab and exercises will be prescribed.

Talk to us to arrange your first assessment.