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Indemnity Form

Welcome to Thrive Healthcare!

All clients of Thrive Healthcare are required to sign an indemnity form prior to the start of your sessions with us.

Membership Liability Waiver




The following are the Membership Agreement's Terms & Conditions governing the rights and obligations of Thrive Healthcare Pte. Ltd. and its Customers. Thrive Healthcare Pte. Ltd. (“Thrive Healthcare”), operates a physiotherapy clinic and fitness centres for the provision of physiotherapy and fitness facilities/services and has appointed a Management team (“the Management”) who is responsible for the operation of the Centre and its facilities/services in accordance with the Terms & Conditions which are subject to amendments. For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions, a Customer is defined as an individual who has successfully applied for a Membership with Thrive Healthcare and/or are engaged with Thrive Healthcare for any services or products offered.


1. Membership

a. All registered customers are entitled access to Thrive Healthcare classes and OPEN GYM sessions within operating hours during their Membership period as specified in their membership sign-up terms and conditions, and pending requirements as part of class restrictions. 

b. Membership is personal to the customer and is non-assignable and non-transferable.

c. Any cancellation of membership plans by customers must be made as written notice and must be received by 30 days in advance of your next billing cycle, where applicable, to be considered the last month of billing dues. 

d. Customers are subject to the fitness centre rules in force. The Management reserves the right to put holds and/or cancel a customer’s membership plan if the customer, despite multiple warnings continuously disregard the rules of the fitness center, or continually poses a risk to other customers.

e. The Management reserves the right to accept or reject an application for membership to the fitness centre for any reason whatsoever. 

f. The Management reserves the right to introduce and vary the prices and categories of Memberships, Personal Training services, and administration fees at any time.


2. Membership Pauses

a. Unlimited Class memberships (time-based) are entitled to two types of pauses: Regular and Extraordinary. Regular Pauses allow the customer to pause for a minimum of 7-days at their own discretion; the total amount of days that can be paused will be based on their membership type. 

Extraordinary Pauses are allowed for emergency and unforeseen circumstances, for example medical sickness or injury, compassionate reasons, and vaccinations rest periods. These will not count toward their allotted pause days.

b. Class Pack Memberships will not be allowed pauses, however they are allowed to extend their class-pack validity period on a case-by-case basis. Please see a team member for clarification.

c. For more information on our membership pauses, please refer to our Membership Pauses policy.  


3. Refunds

a. Thrive Healthcare Pte. Ltd. does not entertain any refunds of any membership package or product that is sold, regardless of if it is unused, partially used, or fully used. 

b. Exceptions are provided when a customer has an employment-required relocation out of the country, a forced relocation due to situations not in the customer’s control, or experiences a long-term disability (or death) that prevents a customer to utilize their package. 

c. For more information on refunds, please refer to our Refunds Policy.


4. Class and Open Gym Sessions

a. All customers must book their slots sessions before joining a session. Only customers with a booked slot will be able to join the session.

b. A late cancellation fee of SGD 10 will be levied if any cancellation is made less than 8 hours from the start time of the first morning session, or less than 1 hour from the start time for any other session. 

c. If there are three or more late cancellations within a period of 28 days, the customer loses all online class booking privileges for 28 days. To join classes, the customer will have to show up for class as a walk-in, subject to the availability of slots. 

d. Classes will commence punctually as per scheduled. A five-minute grace period will be granted, but after this grace period, any late comer will be considered as a no-show and the late cancellation fee will be levied. They will not be allowed to join the on-going class, but are allowed to join the next class, pending availability. 

e. For Open Gym sessions, no late penalties will be levied. However, if the customer books a session and arrives late, his/her session will still end at the stipulated time. No refunds, partial or otherwise, will be entertained shall the customer not fully utilise the entire session that was booked.


5. Physical Conditions of a Customer

a. The customer warrants that he/she is in good physical condition while attending any classes or sessions in the fitness centre. Customers are to complete a mandatory Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) prior to the first workout session. If the customer has any doubts of his/her fitness or capability to exercise, they are to seek a doctor’s’ advice before engaging in any form of physical activity in the fitness centre. If the customer is not feeling well, or in doubt about his/her physical condition at any time prior to, or during the session, the customer must inform our staff member in charge of the session. In attending any session, if the customer does not sound out any issues or highlight any conditions prior to such attendance, the customer warrants and represents that in attending such session, he/she is in good physical condition and that he/she knows of no medical or any other reason why he/she is not capable of engaging in active or passive exercise in such session and that such exercise in any such session would not be detrimental to his/her health, safety, comfort, or physical condition. 

b. The customer shall not be granted access to any sessions whilst suffering from any infections or contagious illness, disease or other ailment such as open cuts, abrasions, open sores or minor infection, where there is risk that such use may be detrimental to the health, safety, comfort or physical condition of staff and/or other customers.

c. Each customer is responsible for their own correct usage of any equipment in the fitness centre. For safety reasons, customers are to approach any staff customer for guidance if they are unsure of the correct method of using the equipment.

d. The Management reserves the right to request any customer to stop their participation in any session at any point of time if the Management reasonably believes that the customer is unable to continue participating due to health, safety, comfort, or physical reasons.


4. Provision of Personal Data

a. We recognise the importance of the personal data the customer has have entrusted to us and believe that it is our responsibility to properly manage, protect and process his/her personal data, in alignment with Singapore’s Personal Data Protection Act. 

b. The customer understands, acknowledge and consent to Thrive Healthcare to processing, collecting and using his/her personal data for our operations. Please refer to our Data Protection Notice for more information.


5. Limitation of Liability

In consideration for the Management accepting his/her application for membership of the fitness centre and for him/her becoming and remaining a customer of the fitness centre, to the fullest extent permissible under applicable laws, the customer agrees that:

a. Neither Thrive Healthcare, employees or agents shall be responsible for any claims, demands, injuries, damages, or actions for negligence arising on account of death or due to injury, loss, damage or theft to a customer's person or property arising out of, or in connection with the use by a Customer of any of the services, facilities, or premises of Thrive Healthcare. The Customer hereby holds Thrive Healthcare, its related companies, employees, and agents harmless from all claims which may be brought against them by or on a Customer's behalf for any such injuries or claims aforesaid.

b. Any guest of a customer or temporary visitor to Thrive Healthcare agrees to abide by the centre’s rules and the same limitation of liability as a customer.


6. Others

a. Lost property will be held for a period of 3 months after which the club management reserves the right to dispose of the items in any way it sees fit. No claims shall be entertained after this period. 

b. The Management reserves the right to use any individual or group photographs of Customers and/or Guests for press or promotional purposes without prior consent.

c. The failure of the Management or the Company to enforce any of their respective rights at any time for any period shall not be construed as a waiver of such rights.

d. These terms and conditions shall be governed and constructed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and subjected to the jurisdiction of Singapore.

We look forward to welcoming you at your first class!

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