• Mel Heng

Legends - 02 September 2021


3x4 Back Squats


200m row

10 Plate Jumps

150m row

15 Plate Jumps

100m row

18 Plate Jumps

Why learn the Back squat?

Getting out of a chair, off the toilet or just standing up are things we do everyday, which makes it easy to undervalue the importance of being able to squat.

As a starting point, we learn the sit-to-stand, which is basically a squat that has been regressed to allow older adults more control and stability. It also allows them to understand the need to use the hips and avoiding flexing the spine or overusing the knees.

Once proficient, we can eventually progress to a lower depth or heavier weights, to build strength in the legs and the core.

We'll get you stronger even in your later years. Join our Legends classes, every Thursday @ 8AM!

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