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Legends - 15 July 2021



Dumbbell Thruster

*non-working partner - single leg stand

Workout of the Day (WOD):

Row 100m

5 Russian Kettlebell Swing

Row 100m

9 Russian Kettlebell Swing

Row 100m

12 Russian Kettlebell Swing

What is a Thruster?

The thruster combines the front squat and the push press into a single movement. This is a sit-to-stand with arms overhead for the older adult and is a useful exercise for building strength in the legs and upper body.

The thruster can be adapted to start from a chair, and be used with lighter everyday items like water bottles, for the older adult.

Working in exercises like this will help to support the strength necessary to maintain independence.


1. Bring the object (load) to your shoulders.

2. With your feet shoulder-width apart, send your hips downward and back, until your hip crease is below the knees. You may squat to a chair as well.

3. Keeping your chest as upright as possible, stand up quickly.

4. When you reach full extension, send the load up, locking out your elbows overhead, ending the movement in a press.

5. Bring the load back down to your shoulders safely before beginning the next rep.

6. Repeat these movements 8-10 times, for 3-5 rounds!

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