• Mel Heng

Legends - 28 October 2021

Warm Up:

Jog 300m


(4 rounds):

30s Mountain climber

30s Shoulder tap

30s Inchworm

Skill Work:

4 sets x 2 reps

Plate Jump

*go for maximum height that you can jump twice




Plate Jump

Plyometric Training for Older Adults

The preservation of muscle power is crucial in aging for maintaining mobility and performing daily tasks.

Studies have shown that plyometric training, prescribed with care can reduce the likelihood and extent of age-related muscle loss and decrements in function. Though older adults show a slower rate of muscle development compared to younger adults, there are significant long-term benefits for older adults to start training to build power.

This may have significant implications for reducing risks of hip fractures, improving ability to perform daily tasks, and improving functional independence and to maintain quality of life in elderly individuals.

Source: ACE Fitness , Frontiers in Physiology

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