• Mel Heng

Legends - 6 May 2021

Updated: May 3, 2021


butterfly stretch

pelvic rocks

standing quads/hip flexor stretch

wall slides

standing T spine stretch

Calf stretch

PVC shoulder mobility


5 sets of 5 reps Kettlebell Squat

The squat is an essential movement of everyday life. We use this movement to get up from the bed, sit gently onto the chair, pick objects from the floor, and get up from the toilet seat. This movement not only strengthens the legs, but also works our core strength and coordination.

Workout of the Day:

The aim of this workout is a mix of cardiovascular conditioning and strength. Let's translate the skill learnt from the above portion into a workout!

Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes:

00:00- 01:00 4 calories on the rower

01:00-02:00 8/10/12 Air squat

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