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Sports Physiotherapy

When you're feeling unwell or have an injury, your whole life can feel out of control:

Principal Physiotherapist

Doubt if you will ever get better

Best Home Rehabilitation

Progressive functional loss

Physio near me

Uncertainty in the recovery path

Home-based Physiotherapy Singapore

Frustration at lack of progress

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Don't miss the window of opportunity to get better

We provide:

No one should have to worry about reaching their fullest recovery potential.
Customized Rehabilitation Plan

Customised Recovery Plan

Knee Pain Singapore

Timely Treatment

Quality and Experienced Physiotherapist

Dedicated Physiotherapists

We care about your journey, because we've been there before.

The patient has improved since the team first started treating him. He has not been readmitted to the hospital for any chest infections.

Physical Therapy Singapore
Home Therapy Physiotherapy

Xiao Wei

Home Nurse

The team was able to motivate me and give me the confidence to carry out movements during the sessions which eventually helped me get back to my sport in a short time of 4 months.

Singapore Physio
Sports Physiotherapy

Sylvio Pasqualini


The exercises taught in class are good for seniors who need guidance to strengthen their body. And the class is taught by a geriatric physiotherapist, which is perfect for the elderly!

Back Pain Singapore
Senior Fitness

Claudia Chin

Legends Participant

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Getting started is easy!

1. Make an Appointment

Leave us a message and our team will get back to you within the next 24 hours.

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2. Receive your Rehabilitation Plan

Our physiotherapists will assess your condition and prescribe a treatment plan according to your goals and needs.

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3. Get Results

Regain functional strength to do the things you used to be able to do.

Shoulder Pain

Many people struggle with getting back to moving and feeling normal after suffering from an illness or injury.


At Thrive Healthcare, we believe that you can go back to doing what you love with the right guidance, which is why our physiotherapists will provide you with a customized rehabilitation programme that can help you to move better, feel better, and thrive.

Our Services

Physical Therapy Singapore

Home Physiotherapy

Avoid delays in treatment with accessible rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home.

Clinic Physiotherapy

Embark on your rehabilitation journey through functional training in our state-of-the art facility.

Fitness for the Elderly

Working out in a community can be motivating and rewarding. Join our weekly functional fitness classes for the elderly.

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