Restoring You to Health at Every Stage of Life

Providing the best in Home Rehabilitation post-hospitalization.

At Thrive, we want to restore you and your loved ones to their fullest health and function.

Why Home Rehabilitation?

Resume Regular Function & Daily Activity

Loss of regular function and muscular weakness is common in the recovery process. We can help you work towards regular function, by building strength and mobility through our sessions and exercises.

Support for Rehabilitation

You do not have to resign yourself to feel weak or limited. Our rehabilitation will provide the environment and support you need.

Convenience & Accessibility

Avoid the commute and crowds to meet your therapists. We will meet your needs at your convenience in the comfort of your home. 


How Does this Work?


We will first look at past medical records and assess the patient's current mobility.


We will then sit down with the patient and his/her family members to discuss the appropriate treatment.


During each session, we will go through release for rehab and exercises will be prescribed.

Our Services

Critical Illness Rehabilitation
Before & After Surgery Rehabilitation
Rehabilitation for the Older Adult

Don't Know Where to Start?


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