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Cancer Rehabilitation

A diagnosis of cancer comes with more than just emotions. Many often undergo surgery, radiation and chemotherapy and these treatments can have various adverse effects. Cancer rehabilitation can help at any point during cancer care from before initial treatment begins, through survivorship and palliative care.

What about Cancer Pre-habilitation?


Prehabilitation is the process of getting patients to feel, move and perform better before the operation to boost their reserves, such that they are enabled to withstand a stressful event such as an impending surgery. 

By carefully addressing the range of challenges and concerns of the effects of this disease and its treatment, one will be able to take control of their pain, fatigue and decreased activity levels, empowering them to live their best lives.

Diagnosis of Symptoms and Treatment

Why the need for Cancer Rehabilitation?

Cancer and its treatments can cause a multitude of problems that may affect daily life. This would include issues such as fatigue, joint pains, memory problems, amongst many others. Although the types and severity of problems differ from person to person, they can make it harder for you to get back to your normal life and job, whether during or after cancer treatment.


Cancer rehabilitation helps people with cancer to prevent and address these problems, with the aim of maximizing their independence, resuming their life roles as much as possible, and improving their quality of life.

What can I expect at my sessions?


Our physiotherapists first start with an assessment, including a comprehensive movement analysis and goal-setting. Thereafter, we will chart the treatment plan with the patient and their loved ones.


At Thrive Healthcare, our physiotherapists can visit you at your home, providing safe and convenient home therapy for patients with difficulty leaving the home. With home physiotherapy, we can help you to optimize the home environment, to help you to learn how to continue to perform activities of daily living in a familiar environment.

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