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Nurse & Caregiver Training

Why is there a need for nurse and caregiver training?


Caring for the elderly or those with disabilities can be an extremely rewarding experience. However, with nurses and caregivers working alone in the home setting, it can also be stressful as caregivers are often faced with new challenges and responsibilities.


Having a strong support system and relevant training, nurses and caregivers can have the confidence to provide care at home. Patients and their loved ones will also have a peace of mind, knowing that they will receive appropriate care at home.

Nurse Training Caregiver Training

Having worked with a number of nurses and caregivers, our physiotherapists are equipped to guide and train your nurses and caregivers to continue care for your loved ones in the comfort of your home.


Our physiotherapists will tailor the training according to your needs, and ensure that your nurses and caregivers continue to provide quality care, by checking in with them after training. These are some of the areas of training provided by our physiotherapists:


  • Mobility / walking

  • Transfers

  • Wheelchair use

  • Exercises – contracture prevention

  • Falls prevention – home environment assessment and modification, equipment advice

  • Respiratory care – chest percussion, suctioning


We will bring quality standards and care to your home. Contact our team today to arrange for training for your home care team.

Thrive Healthcare will help you manage the challenges in home care that you might encounter, because we provide:

Home Therapy
Pain-Free Care
Nursing for Home Rehabilitation

Quality Follow-Up Care

We work closely with the doctors and the home care team to set goals and report the patient’s progress.

Work as a Team

We ensure a close integration with your processes, supporting your direction for providing comfort for your patient’s progress.

Caregiver Training

Our physiotherapists will train your nurses and caregivers on the steps towards recovery, and how to operate medical equipment where necessary.

How does it work?

1. Connect us to your patient

We will visit the patient, analyse their medical records, and optimise the environment for their rehabilitation.

Nurse Training

2. Work closely together to provide care for your patient

We will discuss a plan with the home care team, and explore ways that we can work together to provide the patients with quality care.

Home Physiotherapy Singapore

3. See Results

See consistency in an elevated standard of care, with the patient’s comfort as a top priority.

You do not have to worry that your patients are receiving consistent, and quality care when we work together.

When you work with Thrive, you will receive:

Brand Promise


That your patients are in good hands with experienced physiotherapists aligned with the goals for the patient.

Physiotherapy Singapore

Caregiver Guidance

We have worked with many caregivers to guide them to provide the care that the patient needs to be comfortable.

Best Physiotherapist Singapore

Timely Response

Should the need arise, we are just a call away, and will promptly respond to support your team.

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