Older Adult Fitness Reaction Games

Life-changing fitness for the older adult.



Build the fitness you need, to live the life you love.

Older Adult Fitness

We all know that exercise is important,

but you may worry about these things:

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What if I cannot move as well as before?

I will feel embarrassed if I cannot do the exercises.

I’m worried I might get hurt while exercising.

Going to the gym is for younger people.


You need a programme with:


A Community

Get fitter with people

just like you!

Qualified Physioherapist

Qualified Coaches

Our classes are taught by physiotherapists who are CrossFit certified too!


Scalable Movements

Regardless of what your ability, we can modify the movements to help you progress.

Older Adult Fitness

For Older Adults

Our classes include movements to improve one’s strength, mobility, balance. 


Take control of your life now.

Loss in bone mass, risk of falls, and other issues can be avoided.


Our weekly classes have athletes ranging from 55 years to 87 years young!  As physiotherapists, our coaches will take into account your preexisting conditions and modify the workouts to keep you safe whilst getting you stronger.

We can help you take the first step.

We are the only physiotherapist-led CrossFit programme for the elderly in Singapore, with a results-based approach teaching safe and effective methods to improve functional movement in activities of daily living.


Get great workouts, amongst a fun community, guided by a trained physiotherapist, and learn how to move well and get stronger in a safe environment. Start rebuilding that foundation you need to help you move well, feel well, and thrive!


Hear what our Legends have to say!

Claudia, 69

As a retired nurse, Claudia recognizes the need to build strength, with the right guidance. She feels safe in the class knowing that it is taught by a physiotherapist. We look forward to Claudia's continual improvement as she sees progress through the weekly Legends class!


Age is just a number.

Information about the classes

Location Pin

Actualize CrossFit

251 Jalan Besar

Singapore 208924

Time Schedule


Tuesdays, 6 -7PM

Thursdays, 8 - 9AM

Class Format Timetable

Class Format

The programme for every class is different, covering a range of movements which focus on building strength, balance, mobility, and conditioning.



8-sessions: $270

Trial class: $20

(Usual Price @ $45)


Qualifications & Safety


The Legends class is specially designed and taught by our physiotherapists who have been trained to optimise the environment to support rehabilitation of geriatric conditions. Participants will be screened prior to the first session, to get a better understanding of his/her pre-existing conditions, and exercises will be adjusted accordingly.


Rest assured that you and your loved ones are in good hands!