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Post-Joint Replacement Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy following joint replacement surgery is crucial for optimal outcomes. Both pre- and post-surgery, it plays a vital role in enhancing range of motion, flexibility, mobility, and strength, targeting not only the surgical site but also supporting muscles.

What is Post-Joint Replacement Physiotherapy?


Physical therapy before and after surgery is important to ensure the best result post-surgery. This would include exercises to improve one’s range of motion, flexibility, mobility, and strength, working not only the site of surgery, but supporting muscles as well.


Rehabilitation should commence as soon as within a day of the surgery, which usually transitions to rehab in the community (either at home or in the clinic/gym) over the next 4-6 weeks for optimal results.


Physiotherapy will also be helpful for those with a joint replacement.

Total Knee Replacement Physiotherapy

Why the need for Post-Joint Replacement Physiotherapy?

Surgery can leave one feeling weak, with deconditioned muscles and the fear and uncertainty of what you are able or unable to do. Common surgeries could include total-knee replacement (TKR) or total hip replacement.


After any joint-replacement surgery or arthroplasty, rehabilitation will be an integral part of the road to recovery. A physiotherapist will ensure that you have the progressions in place through good exercise prescription, which will help speed up functional recovery.

What can I expect at my sessions?


Our physiotherapists first start with an assessment, including a comprehensive movement analysis and goal-setting. Thereafter, we will chart the treatment plan with the patient and their loved ones.


At Thrive Healthcare, our physiotherapists can visit you at your home, providing safe and convenient home therapy for patients with difficulty leaving the home. With home physiotherapy, we can help you to optimize the home environment, to help you to learn how to continue to perform activities of daily living in a familiar environment. We are also centrally located should you prefer a clinic setting for your treatment.

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