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5 Reasons Why You Should consider Home Rehabilitation.

Updated: Jun 25

Rehabilitation can happen anywhere, and what better way than to bring that rehabilitation to where most of you spend the majority of your time? Rehabilitation can be extremely accessible and carried out in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider home rehabilitation:

1. Personalized care from start to end

By providing bespoke rehabilitation in a familiar home environment, we can develop a holistic plan that suits your recovery needs. In addition, recommendations and modifications can be given on the spot, giving even more opportunities to promote a faster recovery.

2. Convenient and time-saving

Long queues, vague waiting times, and delays in scheduled appointments often deter our trips to the doctors. We work around your schedule to seamlessly fit rehab into your lifestyle, with rest and recovery after treatment at home. It also eliminates travel on your part, which can save a lot of time in the process, as well as any waiting time that can occur when appointments run late or are delayed.

3. Cost-effective in the long run

Aside from saving money on transportation which will add up over time, costs also add up with delayed appointments, resulting in a longer rehabilitation duration. Home rehabilitation will give you quicker access to the service you need within days of discharge and can save costs with a faster recovery on a shorter rehab period.

4. Safer for high-risk individuals

There is greater benefit from the additional safety of home rehab while recovering from an illness that compromises mobility, or an increased risk of infection in public areas. The home environment supports better monitoring of an individual's progress and condition, as we can see what is contributing to the problem first-hand and report back to the physicians for closer monitoring.

5. Not just for you, for your family too!

The people around are important pillars of support in a rehabilitation journey. Many family members may feel overwhelmed and may struggle to cope with how to take care of their loved one. Our care does not just stop with you, but extends to your family members as well. We will discuss strategies with your family to find ways to effectively deal with any changes you are facing and head in the right direction.

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