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Myths about Geriatric Rehabilitation

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Myth: I am old! Exercise is not for me.

FACT: As we age, our muscle tissues age as well. But fear not! Exercise has the same benefits on our muscle, making it work more efficiently and gain strength, even as we get older.

From weight training, to simple bodyweight movements, or even just getting out of the house and about the neighbourhood, anyone at any age can start exercising and living an active lifestyle.

Myth: I have heart problems and other medical conditions, I can’t exercise.

FACT: Yes, you may now be experiencing one or more medical conditions, such as hypertension, diabetes, or even heart disease.

As long as you check in with your doctor, exercise is definitely OK. A physiotherapist can help tailor and scale the exercise that you are keen to pursue, not only to improve your quality of life, but also to keep those medical conditions under control!

Myth: Exercise causes me more pain.

FACT: While rest may be the intuitive response to existing medical conditions, in the long term, they are associated with negative potentials such as decreased tissue tolerance and increased tissue vulnerability in the future. Start somewhere! Pain with exercise, especially if you are a beginner, is never a pleasant experience. Proper guidance from physiotherapists can help to ensure that the exercises are done in the right form and intensity. Exercise can be modified to take into consideration your needs such as knee pain.

Myth: I take daily walks! I am exercising!

FACT: Getting those step count in is perfect! There are many forms of exercise besides walking. Resistance exercise or weight training is another highly recommended form of exercise as we grow older. Stretching helps keep our muscles and tissue flexible to keep the aches and pain away.

You can start your exercise journey with us today at Legends, a class where we teach you exercises to improve your daily function and everyday activity.

By Kylie Siu & Melissa Heng

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